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Name Farm City: Farming & Building
Publisher Zego Studio
Size 234 MB
Version 2.10.35b
MOD Info Max Level, Unlimited Coins/Cash/Money
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What's new

Hello City Farmers! Here are the new additions in this version of Farm City:
+Golden Pass Summer Holiday
+Shop Decoration Summer Holiday
+New minigame: Screw Puzzle
+New Hannah Town
+Fix bug

Happy Farming!
Ver 2.10.36b - b1057

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Discover the Joys of Virtual Farming with Farm City Mod APK

Farm City offers an immersive experience for those who love the simplicity and charm of farming games. In this vibrant simulation, players start with a patch of land and transform it into a flourishing farm and bustling city. This game combines agricultural management with city-building elements, providing a dynamic gaming experience accessible on Android devices.

Farm City Farming Building Mod APK

Cultivate a Thriving Farm

Expand and Prosper: Growing Your Agricultural Empire
The core of Farm City Mod APK unlimited money revolves around expanding your farm. Start by planting seeds for various crops, nurturing them into harvestable produce that can be sold for profit. Use your earnings to construct specialized buildings like bakeries and dairies, which enable you to create a diverse range of products. The more you expand, the more complex your farming operations become, offering endless opportunities for growth and profit.

Construct Your Dream City

Architectural Freedom: Building Your Urban Vision
Beyond farming, Farm City Mod APK lets you architect your own urban landscape. From erecting factories to decorating your city with beautiful parks and facilities, you have the freedom to shape your city’s appearance and functionality. Successful management ensures your citizens are happy, which is crucial in building a thriving and productive community within the game.

Foster and Care for Farm Animals

Animal Husbandry: Managing Livestock for Rewards
Animals play a pivotal role in Farm City Mod APK max level. Each animal—from cows to chickens—provides essential resources such as milk and eggs, which can be used or sold for further expansion. Proper care and regular feeding of these animals ensure they remain productive and happy, contributing significantly to the success of your farm operations.

Engage with Friends and Global Players

Social Interactions: Enhancing Your Farming Experience
Interaction is a significant aspect of Farm City Mod APK unlimited coins and cash. Connect with friends via social networks like Facebook, visit their farms, and offer a helping hand. Assisting friends not only strengthens relationships but also provides rewards that benefit your own farming venture, creating a mutually beneficial environment for all players.

Farm City Mod APK max level

Embark on Adventures and Complete Quests

Explore and Achieve: Engaging with Dynamic Quests
The game is replete with adventures and quests that take you beyond your farm. From discovering ancient cities to participating in engaging quests across various levels, each adventure provides unique challenges and opportunities to acquire special items and upgrades for your buildings and infrastructure.

Master Resource Management

Strategic Planning: Optimizing Resources for Maximum Efficiency
Effective resource management is crucial in Farm City. Balancing the growth of crops, allocation of funds, and timing of upgrades requires strategic planning and foresight. Trading goods with others and maintaining a well-organized farm are key strategies that lead to a prosperous farm and city.

Proven Tips for Aspiring Farm City Masters

  • Optimize Layout: Arrange your farm efficiently. Keep production buildings close to relevant resources to minimize transit times.
  • Regular Check-ins: Stay engaged with your farm’s needs. Regular visits ensure your crops and animals are tended, and essential processes are not halted.
  • Economical Spending: Be judicious with your finances. While small purchases are tempting, saving for significant upgrades can yield more substantial benefits.
  • Explore and Participate: Take advantage of the Ancient City for unique resources and join in-game events for exclusive rewards.
Farm City Mod APK unlimited coins and cash

Advantages and Challenges


  • Diverse activities from farming to city planning keep gameplay engaging.
  • Intuitive design makes it easy for players of all ages to enjoy.
  • Social features enhance fun through cooperative play and competition.


  • Highly addictive gameplay can consume considerable time.
  • Performance issues may occur on less capable devices.
Farm City Mod APK unlimited money

Conclusion: Why Farm City Mod APK is Your Next Gaming Destination

Farm City Mod APK is an exceptional choice for anyone passionate about farming and city management games. It provides a comprehensive platform for creativity, strategic planning, and social interaction, all within a charming and engaging environment. Ready to start your farming empire? Download Farm City now and sow the seeds of your future success in this delightful virtual world!

Download Farm City: Farming & Building

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