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Dragon City Mod APK (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Breed and collect dragons, then fight and win PvP battles in this dragon game!

Name Dragon City: Mobile Adventure
Publisher Social Point
Size 314 MB
Version 24.7.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gems
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What's new

City updates for your dragons:
- Get ready to meet a new family of VIP dragons.
- Switch up your battle strategy with a new, unique dragon Skill.
- Play a custom Divine Pass made for new users to advance their City.
- Complete personalized goals to progress faster and earn more Divine rewards.
- Find easier milestones specifically designed for new players to complete.

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Embark on a fantastical journey with “Dragon City,” a captivating mobile game that allows you to create and manage your own dragon utopia. This game offers endless fun and strategic gameplay, perfect for anyone who loves dragons and fantasy worlds. With the Dragon City Mod APK, you gain access to unlimited resources, enabling you to expand your dragon collection and enhance your islands effortlessly. Here’s how to harness the full potential of Dragon City to build the most impressive and powerful dragon haven.

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Nurture and Expand Your Dragon Family

In Dragon City, your primary goal is to breed and raise a diverse range of dragons. The game starts with a few basic dragons, but as you experiment with different breeding combinations, you can unlock exotic hybrids with unique abilities. Each dragon has distinct characteristics influenced by their elemental lineage, such as fire, water, or air. By strategically breeding dragons, you can cultivate a rare and powerful roster to elevate your gameplay.

Engage in Thrilling Dragon Battles

With the Dragon City Mod APK unlimited money and gems, you can freely strengthen your dragons and prepare them for combat. Engage in exhilarating League Battles against other players’ dragons to test your might and strategy. Winning battles earns you precious gems and food, which can be used to further boost your dragons’ abilities, ensuring they’re ready for even tougher challenges ahead.

Collect a Wide Array of Dragons

Dragon City Mod Menu APK boasts an extensive collection of dragons, each uniquely designed with special elements and skills. From common to incredibly rare species, the game continually introduces new dragons, keeping the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. Stay active and participate in limited-time events to secure the most sought-after dragons that can truly make your city stand out.

Cultivate Resources and Build Dragon Habitats

To keep your dragons healthy and active, it’s crucial to manage your resources efficiently. Grow food on farms to feed your dragons, which helps them level up and increase their strength. Additionally, invest in expanding your island’s habitats to accommodate your growing dragon population. Upgrading these habitats not only supports more dragons but also increases your gold production, fueling further development.

dragon city mod apk

Master the Art of Dragon City Mod APK with Expert Tips

  • Optimize Dragon Breeding: Experiment with different combinations to discover rare hybrid dragons. Each breeding can result in unexpected and powerful offspring.
  • Strategically Plan Your City Layout: Maximize space by organizing habitats and resources efficiently. More habitats mean more dragons and increased income.
  • Maintain Constant Food Production: Keep your farms constantly active to ensure a steady supply of food, keeping your dragons well-fed and ready for battles.
  • Tactically Approach Battles: Choose dragons for battle based on their elemental strengths and weaknesses relative to your opponents.
  • Conserve and Strategically Use Gems: Gems are a valuable currency in Dragon City Mod APK. Use them wisely for significant upgrades and speeding up critical processes.
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Pros and Cons of Dragon City Mod APK


  • Unlimited access to over 100 different dragons, with new ones introduced weekly.
  • Exciting battle mechanics that allow for player-versus-player combat.
  • Ability to customize and expand floating islands to create unique dragon habitats.
  • Continuous updates and events ensure there’s always something new to explore.


  • Extended waiting times for breeding and building processes in the standard version.
  • High battery consumption due to the game’s extensive features and detailed graphics.

Alternative Games for Dragon Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for similar experiences, consider these games:

  • Monster Legends: From the creators of Dragon City, this game offers monster breeding and battles.
  • Clash of Clans: Build and defend your village while attacking others in strategic battles.
  • Summoners War: Collect and train monsters for combat in a visually stunning world.
  • Hay Day: Manage a farm, grow crops, and trade goods in a relaxing rural setting.
  • My Singing Monsters: Create a unique island full of musical monsters.
dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems


Dragon City Mod APK provides an immersive and engaging experience for players looking to dive into a world of mythical dragons and magical islands. Whether you’re battling, breeding, or building, Dragon City offers a rich blend of strategy and fun, appealing to both casual gamers and more dedicated players. Download Dragon City Mod APK today, and start your adventure to become the ultimate dragon master!

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